Domain Expiration Scam Warning

Owners of domain names are being targeted in the latest scam where an “Expiration Notice” email is sent for registered domains. The fake notice, usually with the subject heading: “Re: Notification of Registration for yourdomain.com”, or “RE: Attention: yourdomain.com Notice of Registration”, tries to trick people into paying $75.00 to renew their domains. The scam email can be pretty convincing and the language used adds an element of urgency in order to hoodwink people into paying quickly.

The scam email reads:

To: Your Name
Don’t miss out on this offer which includes search engine submission for YOURDOMAIN.COM for 12 months. There is no obligation to pay for this order unless you complete your payment by (date). Our services provide submission and search engine ranking for domain owners. This offer for submission services is not required to renew your domain registration.
Failure to complete your search engine registration by (date) may result in the cancellation of this order (making it difficult for your customers to locate you using search engines on the web).

With any email concerning domain or hosting services, you should always make sure that the email came from your service provider. It’s probably wise to go directly to your service provider’s website to check the status of your services, or to renew services, instead of following email links for payment. Your provider will likely have a set system for invoicing and renewals, so if anything changes to the usual process without prior notice, check with your service provider before making any renewal payment.

For my clients who have any queries regarding service renewals, or any suspicious emails related to my services, please feel free to contact me. My clients can check the status of services and invoicing by logging in to the OKTO Client System.

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